APK (Android Package) is the package file formate used by android operating system to install applications

How To Develop Android Application

To develop android application , you need to learn java programming language. Using Kotlin language , you can also build your android apps and games easily. This programming language is new as compared to java.

Making APK In Windows

You can make android apps in you windows operating system using Android Studio

Android Studio is the software which is used to make android applications . You can use both Java and Kotlin Programming Language in Android Studio to develop your desired application !

What Is HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to create web pages.

You must know HTML if you want to to be a web developer as it is the basic language for web development.

The Extension of HTML is .html , .htm

You can use any text editor to make html file. You don’t need any compiler.

Further , To make your web page looks stunning , you can use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) , JavaScript, Php too.


How To Write HTML Code



<title>My First HTML Document</title>



<center><h1> Welcome To My Website</h1></center>



Now Save This As Any_File_Name.html and open with your web browser


HTML is non case sensitive means you can use both <HTML> or <html> etc

How To Open Link In New Tab Using <a> Tag

To open your link in new tab , you can use target attribute .


<a href=”https://piratedhub.com” target=”_blank”>Click Here To Open Link In New Tab</a>


Php is more powerful than html as it can create dynamic pages whereas by using HTML you can create static pages only!

Final Words :

For Android Applications development , you have to learn java. You can learn kotlin too as.

For Web development , you have to learn HTML for sure. Then you can use CSS for providing stunning design and looks to your website!

You can use php if you want to make dynamic websites !

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